Blue Carbon Policy

Enhancing the climate-nature policy nexus

Project activites: Broad policy integration assessment, national Blue Carbon accounting system, policy recommendations.

The project aims to work closely with government institutions, offering guidance, policy recommendations and solutions that can encourage broader stakeholder engagement in safeguarding the UAE’s marine natural capital.

  • Guide decision-making towards a policy framework that unlocks political support and financing for Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to address a range of key national and global policies;

  • Showcase the benefits of a Sustainable Blue Economy to policy and business targets;

  • Support marine management as well as climate-related policies and plans in response to the UAE’s Net-Zero commitment and Nationally Determined Contributions, the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, and the UAE Sustainable Finance Framework, among others;

  • Contribute to the efficient and comprehensive implementation of Blue Carbon ecosystem management and restoration pursued as part of both climate change mitigation and biodiversity agendas.

  • Assessing the broad policy landscape to identify gaps for enhanced participation in NbS projects and set recommendations;

  • Establishing a Working Group to engage with the results of the project, review recommendations and help explore solutions to advance policy integration, Blue Carbon accounting and NbS financing;

  • Leveraging existing initiatives and programmes in Abu Dhabi and the UAE such as the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration, the UAE Climate Lab, the Natural Capital Smart Map, and ‘Ma’an’ (a local social impact initiative);

  • Participating in the HSBC Global Accelerator programme to facilitate cross-sectoral and government dialogues and build technical capacity locally to ensure project sustainability;

  • Developing a policy brief on how Blue Carbon, through avoidance of GHG emissions or carbon sequestration, needs to complement climate change mitigation strategies.